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Hi, I'm Cristina. I'm from Spain but I'm currently studying Computing as an Erasmus student in Cork, Ireland.
I usually reblog or post gothic, gothic aristocrat, lolita, metal music, pics I take and, sometimes, just things I like.
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#workinopogress Sevilla: un anacronismo (II)


Gefion buttcape ゲフィオンオーバースカート BZ1391 has been restocked at Atelier Boz Osaka. Coordinates featuring Balliol BL ベリオールブラウス BZ7443, Selene SK セレーネミニスカート BZ1420 and Prussia PT プロイセンハーフパンツ BZ5198 and Dilios hat ディルオスシルクハット BZ9551.

Here you have a picture of my last 3 months haul (a glorious pile of boxes were waiting for me when I arrived home).

From Closet Child: BPN vest, jacket and Alice Auaa shirt-dress.

I really like my first piece from Auaa, but I still don’t know how to wear it. It sits awkwardly on my shoulders and falls instantly. You cannot see it but there’re two separated halves, and they aren’t sewn. So yeah, it even included the clothing care tags but I wish it included a separated manual of how to wear it. I’m going to spend the whole Easter figuring out.

The socks are from Metamorphose as you can see. They were in a Meta bag which had inside a plastic bag with a tinier black bag and the socks in another separated plastic bag. Inception. But, oh, within the tinier Meta bag there were a letter, a sticker and drawings of their more recent desings (not pictured), all inside another plastic wrap. And I just ordered two pairs of socks.

Then, you can see rings from various shops and vintage etsy finds.

And, finally, my last cdjapan order. It was meant to be larger because I was ordering some other Moitié things that were from that glorious sale they had, but they told me that they didn’t have them (you know, the usual, two weeks after paying). That wasn’t the first time cdjapan lists something in stock and, then, they don’t really have it, so I decided not to buy from them anymore. I think their way of managing their shop database is not the correct.

Btw, the contrast and brightness are so high because there’s so much black (wow, so gothic such dark) that none of the details were perceptible.

No Boz this time, sorry.


Coordinate from Atelier Boz Osaka showcasing new wide pants-skirt Leinster レンスター巻スカート付ワイドパンツ BZ5200 and Balliol BL ベリオールブラウス BZ7443



Coordinate from Atelier Boz Nagoya featuring new blouse Glad グラッドブラウス and new breeches Prussia プロイセンハーフパンツ

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Favourite Fashion: Alexander McQueen, Fall 2008 RTW

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